Complete Fracture of the 4th Metacarpal – Week 2

It has been over 2 weeks since I have gotten a boxers fracture, or to be more specific, a complete fracture of the 4th metacarpal bone in my right hand.

I have continued to wear my home-made brace and the splint supplied by the Orthopedist.  I’m really happy to report that I believe the bones are beginning to fuse back together!  I can no longer move the area around with my other hand and I feel a wide lump forming where the break occurred.  The size of the lump varies, sometimes it’s really prominent and noticeable and others you can barely tell it’s there.

I am slightly worried about the lump but the surgeon had mentioned in passing that I would probably get one during my initial consultation and I still have full range of motion in my hand so I didn’t let myself get too bothered about it.  As long as it works!  I imagine that the lump and wideness of the point of injury is the bone starting to form around the injury as the surgeon had explained to me on the followup visit.

boxers fracture

4th metacarpal fracture - week 2

I take my home-made brace and splint off once in a while to flex my hand and get some blood flowing since the area gets stiff from being in the same position for hours at a time.  It usually only takes a few minutes of slowly opening and closing my fingers for the stiffness to go away.

I also can’t help pushing down on the lump on my hand!  Right now it makes a little clicking sound, whatever that means…

I’m really happy with the healing progress on the hand and hope it’s only a week or so away till I can restart weight training and grappling.

I have another appointment with the Orthopedist in a week and a half to get another set of x-rays to make sure the bone is healing correctly, in the meantime I think I’m going to keep doing what I’ve been doing and maybe begin some light therapy like squeezing a small squishy ball if I feel like the hand is stronger.

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Big Si May 17, 2013 at 10:45 am


I know its a long time since you posted this so im not sure if you will see this to reply. I did the same injury as you a couple of months ago and my fist looks the exact same as yours. Ive been doing a bit of searching on the internet because I was worried about it. Its got the same bump, im not making a fist as well as I did, and the knuckle is hardly there.

I just wondered how, years on, you are dealing with it? Have you got the strength back, did you go and get checked out further?

As its been 8/9 weeks I thought id see how things go and then decide what to do

Any help you can offer would be great




admin May 17, 2013 at 3:59 pm

Still here!

I’ve mentioned in previous comments I believe about how sometimes I get a sharp twinge if i have not been using my hands for a while and a sharper part of the bone (i believe) hits a nerve.

However that has been pretty rare and I have not had that happen in over a year, maybe more.

I don’t have specific advice for you, just wanted to relay what happened to me.

Thanks and hope you have a speedy recovery!


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