Day 14 – Rib Separation (costochondral separation)

So it has been a full 2 weeks since my self diagnosed separated rib.  The healing process is progressing nicely.  I started going back to the gym on day 12 and rode the stationary bike for a few days.  I started using the Arc trainer today because the machine incorporates minimal upper torso movement.  I was even feeling a bit froggy and did some push ups (very carefully) my ribs were definitely a little sore this morning at work.  I have applied ice and have taken some Ibuprofen.

It felt really good to sweat again and I have a lot of ideas for some new and fun exercises I can try out when my rib heals so I’m excited to continue my rehabilitation.  The hardest part is not pushing it too hard since the last thing I want is to re-injure it!

Is this what I have? I think so

I do have a sliver of fear that the rib may have healed wrong and I might have a chronic aggravation at the site of injury but I remind myself during these moments that it’s only been two weeks and I need to allow my body to heal itself before jumping to any conclusions.

Driving is no longer a problem and getting up from a prone position like laying down in bed is no longer a 2-3 minute ordeal although there is a minimal amount of discomfort still.

I’m still weeks away from training normally but it’s encouraging to actually feel my body knitting itself back together.